Job Offer - Scrum Master - Madrid



Important international consultancy of French origin, which has advised companies and administrations, supporting them and implementing their transformation projects globally for more than 15 years.

It is now Searching for workers in Spain for different banking clients within the Ibex 35.


The group places innovation at the center of its development and intervenes in areas related to the technological changes of large groups, such as Big Data, IoT, Blockchain and artificial intelligence.



Job: Scrum Master

Main Responsibilities: 

  • Ability to assess the maturity of the team in Scrum / Agile methodologies and training them to have higher
  • levels of agility and efficiency at work, at a pace that is sustainable and comfortable for the team and organization.
  • Own the Scrum / Agile practices and processes agreed by the Scrum Team and is
  • empowered to see that they are followed, but they must be open to change and focus on
  • facilitation whenever possible
  • Do everything possible so that the Scrum Team can enable self-organization.
  • Work to eliminate impediments when the team does not have the capacity But always with a view to increasing self-organization.
  • Build a safe environment where problems can arise without fear. With an emphasis on collaboration and problem solving.
  • Facilitate work without coercion, assign or dictate how it is delivered.
  • Assist with internal and external communication, improving transparency and the ability to share information.
  • Support and educate the product owner, particularly with regard to refining and managing the product portfolio.
  • Work with other Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches to guide the broader organization on how to use the practices and values of Agile / Scrum, and promote its use.
  • Execution of training sessions and workshops for Scrum teams and other personnel.
  • Work closely with the delivery managers to ensure the complementarity and consistency that are being used in that delivery.
  • Work closely with project managers and the project management office on issues related to governance.

Location: Madrid




  • Higher education and specialization in methodologies Agile / Scrum


  • Experience as an Scrum Master for at least 2 years.
  • An understanding of the purpose of Agile / Scrum.
  • A good practical understanding of XP and Kanban, as a minimum  

Required Languages: 

  • Fluent English level. ( mainly understanding ability)
  • Fluent Spanish level

Skills: We are looking for people with:

  • Great capacity for handling and treating people: patient and tolerant; Enjoy imparting knowledge and empowering people.
  • The Know of when to cheer and when to push, depending on team culture and Agile maturity.
  • Excellent communication skills and assertiveness.
  • Exceptional skills to build relationships with people or other teams outside the Scrum Team.
  • Able to balance the training equipment as a group, taking into account the individuals. Different personalities and needs.
  • That he can constructively challenge current forms of work of the organization or Scrum Team,
  • Knowing when to be patient and wait for the right time if you are not currently
  • appropriate.
  • Pragmatism. Choose the best approach, whatever is appropriate, not necessarily your
  • favorite option
  • Passionate about the agile.
  • Capacity for self-learning and analysis.
  • Initiative and creativity to propose things.


Type  of Contract: Indefinite Term

Working time: Full Time 

Remuneration: According to knowledge and experience provided

Others Considerations: 

  • Stable and continuous project with ample possibility of growth.
  • Continuous training.
  • Good working environment.
  • Work in a large company with international importance.
  • Extensive possibilities for professional development.


Para poder valorar tu candidatura, es imprescindible que nos mandes tu Currículum al email con el asunto: OFERTA EMPLEO SCRUM MASTER y no olvides incluir en el: la formación y certificaciones que posees, la experiencia profesional que tienes hasta el momento, los clientes, proyectos y tecnologías que has manejado y nivel de dominio que tienes sobre ellas, idiomas, etc., al igual que tus expectativas salariales en bruto anual para valorar la oferta y la Autorización de Datos Personales, la cual es IMPRESCINDIBLE ENVIAR FIRMADA PARA PODER ESTUDIAR TU CANDIDATURA, informarte de otras vacantes que se ajusten a tu perfil y mantenerte en nuestra base de datos para presentes y futuros procesos de selección.


Autorizacion candidato datos personales.
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